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VTAC Key 2018-2019 application dates

  • Applications open: Mon 6 Aug
  • Close of timely applications: Thurs 27 Sep
  • Close of SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) applications: Fri 12 Oct
  •  Close of Scholarship applications: Fri 12 Oct



‘Inside Monash’ Seminar Series

Running until September. For more info and to register click here

Melbourne Polytechnic VCE VET Music Industry Exam Prep Workshops (Performance & Sound Production)

When: 31st August & 5th of September For details and registration click h ere






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Apprenticeships & Traineeships


Apprenticeships and Traineeships are a great career option for students looking to combine practical work with structured training. Australian Apprenticeships (often referred to as apprenticeships or traineeships) are available to anyone of working age and you do not need a secondary school certificate or other qualification to begin your apprenticeship. You can even commence while you're still at school finishing Years 11 and 12. There are many opportunities to train, study and earn an income in most occupations and traditional trades which offer a variety of qualification levels. Upon completion you will obtain a nationally recognised qualification and receive the experience you need to get the job you are looking for.


There are 5 simple steps to follow to help you find an Australian apprenticeship:


1.        Establish your chosen career pathway. Visit websites, do the research and undertake the necessary quizzes to match occupations with your interests. (Visit and

2.        Discuss these options with your career advisers and teachers, they also have access to the most up-to-date information.

3.        Write your resume. If you’re not sure where to start, your career adviser can assist you with a template or basic format. You will need to include your contact details, school studies, achievements, work experience, interests, skills and career goals.

4.        Find an employer who is looking for an apprentice. This can take a little bit of time but being patient can be worth your while. Subscribe to the various websites online such as Job Active has a ‘Job Seeker’ app which allows you to establish a job plan, browse and apply for jobs and track your applications.

5.          Formalise all the paperwork. Ask your employer to call their local Australian Apprenticeships Centre. This center will provide everything needed including the signing of the National Training Contract.


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