Year 11 Work Experience

Year 11 Work Experience 


Timboon P – 12 School highly values work experience as one way that students can prepare themselves for their entry into the work force.  The Work Experience program is a sequential program and at the year 11 level, students demonstrate skills developed in year 10 by organising and completing a one week work experience placement. We view this as the culmination of previous work and are keen that all students take this opportunity to build on their experience.


The onus is strongly on the students to obtain placements and follow the outlined procedures, with staff providing support, advice and the appropriate legal documentation. 


Students are strongly encouraged to undertake this year 11 work experience placement in Melbourne, since many country students go to Melbourne or other major cities to work or study after they finish school. The confidence and skills developed in negotiating unfamiliar streets, public transport and planning for punctuality is invaluable. 


The Melbourne Metro Youth Hostelschool books accommodation in a Youth Hostel close to the city centre. As teachers supervise students at the hostel and during the evening activities, students are able to sample the life style of living away from home and family support in a safe environment. This “work experience camp” has taken place for a number of years and has been invaluable to those who have taken part, as it increases independence, forces the development of budgetary skills and gives a sample of communal living, while being committed to work each day.


In 2018, students were placed in a range of locations and industries. (click on the location to learn a little more about the industry)

These included 


Animal Care at Collingwood Children's farm

Research and development at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

 Hospitality at Bottega restaurant

 Social Work at St Mary's House of Welcome

 Teacher aide at North Melbourne Primary School

Sports Administration at Melbourne University Sport


Timboon P12 School students have an excellent reputation .... a sound work ethic, cooperative, respectful, demonstrating initiative. We know our 2017 students will  this and just as capably negotiate Melbourne's public transport system and commuter crowds. 

Students should be well under way organising their own placements, or working with Mr Deppeler.