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Saving a video from Youtube

If you are showing videos to your class it is best practice to save them to a place on your hard drive and in the student public folder. This prevents videos potentially lagging when they load and stop starting during their playback. Let students know where the videos are so they have access to their content anytime anywhere.

When playing videos I prefer to right click and play with, VLC. This player plays any types of video very well.

Instructions for saving a video from another streaming medium. For example, Teacher Tube

  1. Open your video clip
  2. Open a new tab or window and enter
  3. Copy and paste the Youtube URL into Keepvid then click ‘Download’.
    Tip: This is the link that appears where you type in a website.
  4. It will say ‘Processing please wait...’ in approximately the middle of the page.
    Note: If any requests to install Java appear please follow the prompts. This is common the first time you attempt to use
  5. If in IE (Internet Explorer), right click on the MP4 hyperlink and left click ‘Save Target As...’. This then brings up a dialogue box of where to save your video.
    Tip: Save clips you watch in class to the Student Public folder so students can copy this video and review it anytime.