Visual Communication & Design

This study is intended to assist students in the understanding, use and interpretation of a range of visual communications. It involves a study of the design elements and principles, freehand and instrumental drawing systems, information carriers and the function of design and how they are used to create effective visual communications. This study also provides the opportunity to develop an informed approach to visual communications encountered in everyday life.

Unit 1: This area of study enables students to develop an understanding of instrumental drawing methods and freehand drawing including drawing from observation. The unit involves the study of a range of drawing methods, including relevant Australian Standards conventions. Students develop practical skills in the application of appropriate drawing methods, design elements and principles, and information and communication technology. The unit also introduces students to the diversity of visual communication and the role of the design process in visual communication production.

Unit 2: The purpose of this unit is to enable students to develop and refine practical skills by generating images and developing them through freehand drawing, instrumental drawing and the use of information and communications technology. In the development of visual communications, this unit enables students to develop an awareness of how the design process facilitates exploration and experimentation and how information and ideas are communicated.

Unit 3: This area of study enables students to develop an understanding of visual communication production through the application of the design process to satisfy specific communication needs. Within the unit, students consider existing visual communications and analyse and evaluate examples. Students also investigate the production of visual communications in a professional setting and examine the nature of professional practice in the design and production of visual communications.

Unit 4: The purpose of this unit is to enable students to apply their knowledge of the components of the design process in the preparation of one design brief. Students apply their practical skills to the development and production of two distinct final communication presentations through application of the design process and based on the requirements of the brief.

Support Material

Design brief

Freehand drawing

Investigating Professional Practice

Professional Practice in Viscom

Technical Drawing Specifications

VCAA Study Design Presentation

VCE Visual Communication Design

Viscom Outcome 2 Example