Year 8 History


The Western and Islamic World

The Asia-Pacific World

Expanding Contacts

The Vikings

Renaissance Italy

Medieval Europe

The Ottoman Empire

Angkor/Khmer Empire

Japan under the Shoguns

Polynesian Expansion

Mongol Expansion

The Black Death

Spanish conquest of Americas

By the end of Year 8, students recognise and explain patterns of change and continuity over time. They explain the causes and effects of events and developments. They identify the motives and actions of people at the time. Students explain the significance of individuals and groups and how they were influenced by the beliefs and values of their society. They describe different interpretations of the past. Students sequence events and developments within a chronological framework with reference to periods of time.

At the moment we are just completing the research assignment that is attached. We will be presenting them to the class next week. We are then beginning a study of The Vikings, and their inventions and discoveries.

First Research project

Here are some excellent examples of student work undertaken in Term 1 2013

A New Rome by Euan McGuire

The Incas by Abbey

Easter Island by Amy Inglis

Ancient China by Molly and Jess

The Inca Empire by Mel and Libby

The Incan Enquirey by Josh Brittain

Incas by Will McKenzie

Here are some great examples of student work undertakin in Term 2 2013 on Vikings.

Nimah Denny Vikings

Will Mckenzie Viking Artefacts

Viking Artefacts

Euan McGuire Viking Weapons