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In this subject, students have a fantastic opportunity to consider many aspects of life ‘beyond school’. An important focus is self reflection - identifying skills and interests and starting the exploration of a wide range of career and training options. Throughout the year, we will give students the opportunities to develop job seeking and job interview techniques

We are very fortunate to have strong community relationships with people from many walks of life visiting our P63 / P64 class to support our students as they consider their Pathways through school and beyond. Thank you

Drew Deppeler, Julie Nicholson

past  guest speakers


Ashley Ellemor and Scott Thompson

We were very fortunate to have Ashley and Scott talk with our students on two occasions. They spoke about pathways into police careers and what the role entails. They also shared many messages with students, encouraging them to be safe.  Ashley stressed that coming into contact with the police shouldn’t be something to be scared of – they would prefer you to acknowledge mistakes / stupidity / lack of judgement and learn from them. The discussion was wide ranging – speed, alcohol, drugs, violence, conflict. Students got to see firsthand some of the tools police use to help keep us (and themselves) safe. We even got to use a speed gun and one of our students was measured at 28 kph (not bad from a standing start and running uphill). Many thanks to Ashley and Scott for spending a significant amount of time with our students.

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P63 Guest Speakers

Deakin university  / Southwest TAFE



A detailed and informative session with Tayliah and Jenna. Students were given a great deal of information to consider over the next semester as they start to plan their senior school courses and consider their options beyond school. They learned the difference between the courses available through TAFE and Uni, the pathways from school to TAFE / Uni and the possibility of studying through TAFE and then moving onto a University course. Students were encouraged to go to Open Days at various institutions to talk with staff, students and to get a feel for the different places. 

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Simon Harkness (plumber, Pre Service Teacher)

Simon is currently studying Education at Federation University and recently completed an Education Placement at Timboon P12. Simon reflected on his experiences as a VCE student at Timboon and his time as a plumbing apprentice. After working as a plumber, Simon decided to change his pathway and enrolled in University studies as a mature aged student. To keep your options open, Simon stressed the value of hard work and commitment to studies at school, even if you were unclear of your goals. As with Andrew, Sarah and Sandi, Simon’s pathway from school to where is now was not direct – but the message is clear: it’s ok to choose a direction and then change it if it experience and time shows that it is not for you.

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P63 Guest SpeakerSandi Brown (Electrician) As a child, Sandi of Sandi’lectrics didn’t have a clear idea of what she might enjoy and hadn’t set out to be an electrician. She shared her pathway from school, to university studying business and microbiology with her change in direction to electrical apprenticeship and owning her own electrical contracting business. She shared a very positive message with our girls – there is a big world of opportunities available to them. Sandi encouraged students to work hard, to accept constructive criticism and learn from it.

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P63 Guest SpeakerTom Walsh (Vet) Tom is a well-known member of our community in many areas. As a student, he wasn’t sure of his career pathway – he was interested in both Veterinary and Medicine. Tom spoke with our students about his pathway to becoming a Vet at Timboon. He also shared the range of learning and study opportunities he has pursued. He spoke of the skills and positive attitudes students can develop that employers look for and value – being approachable, confident, hardworking, honesty. To highlight the importance of hard work, he quoted that being successful is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration.


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Keys please

 The Vic Roads Keys Please session was aimed at our year 10 learner drivers or soon-to-be learner drivers and their parents, or supervising drivers. The session helped students find out about: Why young drivers are at risk and why driving experience is so important. The importance of learning to drive in stages – from simple tasks on quiet roads to more difficult drives in all sorts of road, weather and traffic conditions. The importance of developing a positive partnership between learners and their parents, including tips for managing stress. Working with driving instructors. Risks for new drivers


Fair work Ombudsman

 Neil Campbell and Ed Thomas, Fairwork Ombudsmen from the Warrnambool Office, spoke with students about workplace rights and obligations, as well as how to access information and support.  Students were encouraged to check the Fairwork website to check pay rates for their jobs and to keep track of their pay, the hours they work, superannuation contributions to ensure they are treated fairly.


P63 Guest SpeakerSarah Cook (Uwland) (Hairdresser, Pre service teacher) An ex-student, Sarah shared her pathway from school – training as a hairdresser, own her own hairdressing business and at the same time studying to be a teacher.  As well as balancing her life.  Sarah spoke of many skills students can  use and develop to help them be successful in whatever path they choose – the importance of goal setting, time management, communication, lifelong study as well as trying different things and making your own luck


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AP63 Guest Speakerndrew Berry (Paramedic) shared some of his experiences - from school, his studies and on the job. He stressed the value of having a career goal and working hard to achieve that goal – and for those students who are still unclear of their goals, they need to keep working hard at school, developing good relationships with peers and staff as the best way to keep their options open.


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