Years 7

General Information


The Year Seven students are being encouraged to use their diary as an organisational tool. The teachers expect students to write their homework tasks and other reminders in their diary. The diary is also an important tool for home / school communication, so please use the diary to write notes to the teachers. We often write a note to you too, so please check your child’s diary on a regular basis and sign it once a week. Together we can teach your child how to use this resource throughout their secondary education as a valuable tool.


Homework expectations have increased in Year Seven.

Mathematics – your child is expected to complete a Math’s Mate sheet once a week. Please check this homework and sign the top of the sheet.

English – your child will receive English homework on a weekly basis. This will be written or stuck into their diary. There is also a home reading expectation; please encourage your child to read for at least twenty to thirty minutes every night and once a week to summarise what they have been reading

Science – your child will receive approximately three pieces of science homework per term.

Other subjects – sometimes your child will be asked to complete work at home that they have not completed in class time.

Homework Support and Tutorials

Mathematics tutorials are held every lunchtime.

The 5 /8 building is open every lunchtime apart from Friday. Wednesday is set up as a homework support group, so your child can seek support in completing their homework with teachers present to help if required. We are using all available lunchtimes to catch students up on their homework expectations if they have fallen behind. Please encourage your child to use this resource if required.

I would like to conclude by congratulating the Year Seven students on a positive and successful transition into secondary school. We acknowledge and thank you, as parents, for your support and input too.

If you have any concerns or celebrations that you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school.

Many Thanks

Lisa Kensit

Year Seven Coordinator