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At Timboon P-12 School we welcome all new enrolments. Please find an enrolment form attached. Interviews can be arranged by ringing the school on 55983381



2018 Enrolment forms  for students starting in 2018




Enroling at Timboon P-12





Year 6-7 Transition

Want to know more about enrolling in our 7-12 Sub-School?


To all families beginning their Secondary School experience I say a very warm welcome. Our future is exciting with our P12 school about to embark on its biggest capital buildings works since 1948. These works are expected begin in late 2016 and will feature a brand new Secondary building. This new facility will complement our rich school traditions. Our school community is a proud school community with a long and decorated history in student and school community achievement.


Our Secondary Campus provides an excellent learning environment that is both inspiring and nurturing. Our school focus is on individual student growth and success as well as developing strong school, peer and community connectedness. While every year level is important, we believe that it is essential that all students are provided with the best start possible to their schooling. For this reason, we keep our classes small, provide a broad curriculum and provide teachers that work hard to support your child’s needs.


As a P12 school we have the unique opportunity of providing a seamless transition from Primary to Secondary school.  Our Year 7/8 subject elective program is designed to engage your child, provide a breadth of educational opportunities and above all enable them to develop their passions. Students experience the opportunity to engage in up to 40 new subjects in year 7 and 8. As your child moves through their secondary schooling they continue to build on their subject interests and begin to prepare for their Senior Education. Students begin to have access to the VCE, VET and VCAL certificates that allows each student the unique opportunity to create an accelerated program that will see them prepared for success in whichever pathway they choose.


The Kidsmatter/Mindmatters Framework underpins our social and emotional school wellbeing ethos. In addition to this students are provided with high levels of support and care by all staff. We believe in developing a strong three way partnership between home, students and school. Our teachers will contact you personally if they feel a need to inform you about your child’s progress  or school events. We always welcome and encourage family involvement in school events and activities.


It is very important that child’s education experience is as positive as possible and I would ask that if, at any time, you have a concern or query to contact your child’s teacher or myself.


Once again, welcome!



Sean Fitzpatrick


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