VCAL Food Van Progress



·       The cladding is almost complete

·       Flooring is yellow tongue and is at the school ready to be put in the caravan 

·       A serving window frame is being custom-made to fit

·       Electrical  work is being fitted throughout the van in the coming weeks

·       Wheels have been sprayed and fitted

·       Wheel bearings have been inspected and greased

·       Andy at McLaren Sheet Metal has been supporting us and is currently organising to get a stainless steel  bench top 

·       Sponsorship letters are being completed and printed to deliver around the community to people and businesses for their help

·       We are inviting families, community members and local businesses to contact the school if they wish to contribute to this caravan. This will not just be a valuable   school asset but a wider school community project with many things to offer. 


Number of people involved

·       16 VCAL students 

·       9 Teachers within the school                   

9 Community Businesses